Service Excellence Is Its Own Reward

Service Excellence Is Its Own Reward

We believe a commitment to service excellence is its own reward.

Founder Mel Rauton told his son, Jay Rauton, owner of Melcer Tile to "Step into the customers' shoes and live through them in every project, all the way to the end."

We aim to live by this edict and put the relationship with you, our valued customer, first.

We understand it's not always like that in shopping tile- there can be frustration from the limited selection and lack of specialized guidance at the big box chain stores. We've worked hard to relieve the frustration of limited choice with the freedom of selecting from South Carolina's largest tile showroom.

And, since it can be overwhelming to be confronted with all the choices in a tile showroom as large as ours, we aim to create clarity and confidence by being your guide in the process, listening to you, understanding your needs, and creating a comfortable environment for you to make your best tile selection.

We want you to not only beautify your home by finding the perfect tile for your project, but also to enjoy the process of choosing it. It's the goal of our design consultants to earn your trust and confidence by demonstrating we put the relationship first. Then, together, let's make the process of choosing the right tile as fun, easy, seamless, and quick as it can be.

Give us a call or stop by our showroom and let's get excited about your project together!