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About This Site

Our Goal: a Great User Experience
With our web partner, Charleston internet marketing agency Pensarc, in 2015 we redesigned our web site to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate. With so many products to display, the challenge was making things easy to find and inquire about. Several of the ways we addressed these challenges were:
  • making it easier to find the tile you want by making all the gallery links visible at the top on our desktop site (as opposed to using hidden menus) while putting them in a prominent drop-down menu to conserve space on the mobile site.
  • including a "quick contact form" at the bottom of every page on the site, so no matter how deep into the galleries a user goes, you can ask a question about what you want to know. This also sends us a link to which page you were on, so we can hone right in on your needs.
  • user friendly thumbnail links for our most popular galleries and a redundant main navigation menu on the footer of each page
Empowering Content and Social Media Outposts
We use other web media in addition to this main website in order to help consumers be more empowered and educated about making decisions in their tile projects:
  • Our home improvement blog and monthly home improvement email newsletter are intended to enrich people's understanding of how to beautify their environments with tile.
  • We use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to show design ideas, share model projects, and spread education about being a smart tile shopper to more people. Social media also gives customers more channels to reach out and work with us to bring their flooring visions to life.

This all ties in with the customer experience we aim for: making the process of (learning about as well as) choosing the right tile as fun, easy, and seamless as it can be!

Have a question about for Melcer Tile? Fill out the quick contact form and someone from Melcer Tile will contact you shortly. Thanks for your inquiry!

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